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Can you name all the schools in NCAA Division I that are legal Scrabble words?

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SchoolDefinition (points)
 A large group of people advancing a cause (9)
 A burnt red-orange color (8)
 To cook to a darkened color (10)
 A hooved animal native to the American Plains (15)
 A male house servant (8)
 A cigar of medium strength and/or color (11)
 A male duck (10)
 A nobleman lower in stature than a prince (9)
 The state of being free (12)
 A beverage containing vermouth and whiskey (14)
 To lead a parade or military regiment (13)
 A textile dealer (10)
SchoolDefinition (points)
 A deep shade of blue (10)
 At a compass heading of 45° (15)
 At a compass heading of 315° (18)
 Not bellicose (16)
 Divine guidance or care (18)
 A small food grain originating from Asia (6)
 One who travels in a vehicle (6)
 In a direction towards one of the earth's poles (11)
 A house of worship (10)
 The highest structure on a steamboat (12)
 A finely tempered sword (7)
 A system of weights used especially with precious metals (7)

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