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Can you name the Heisman Trophy Winners whose last names are legal to play in Scrabble?

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YearPlayerDefinition (points)
1937Honest; forthcoming (12)
1941, 2006*A maker or creator (10)
1948, 82*One who leaves (13)
1949An adult male deer; chiefly British (7)
1952Containers; boats (10)
1957To brag especially over another's distress (9)
1959A large, heavy gun (8)
1962One who prepares food by heating (11)
1966One who makes metal appendages to boots (10)
1974, 75, 2011*A mythical eagle-lion hybrid (14)
1978Imitations (6)
YearPlayerDefinition (points)
1979, 2003*Pallid (11)
1980Yesses (7)
1987To darken (10)
1988Things that spread coarse silicate matter (8)
1989An item intended for sale (7)
1993A municipal division (8)
2001To lower by bending the legs (13)
2002One who conceals with the hand (10)
2005A vast, uncivilized area (9)
2010One kilogram accelerated at one meter per second squared (9)
2015One volt per ampere per second (11)

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