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Can you name the Academy Award for Best Actor winners whose last names are legal to play in Scrabble?

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YearActorDefinition (points)
1932Affected by a certain fermented beverage (10)
1932, 46To walk as if in a parade (12)
1934A triangular structure on the side of a building (8)
1936A bond issued by a government (6)
1941, 52A barrel maker (10)
1951To use without sharing (9)
1953Have possessed (10)
1962One-quarter of a bushel (12)
1971A taxicab driver (18)
1974One who works at a traveling amusement show (11)
YearActorDefinition (points)
1976A small, typically yellow bird (13)
1985To inflict pain (7)
1990Removes wrinkles from fabric by applying heat (5)
1993, 94Fastens a sail (12)
1995To confine an animal in a metal enclosure (7)
1996To move at unusually high speed (7)
1999Exhibiting weird behavior (13)
2009Crosses over a body of water or depression (11)
2010An inlet where a river meets the sea (11)

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