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Can you name the winners of the men's Naismith College Player of the Year award whose last names are legal to play in Scrabble?

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YearPlayerDefinition (points)
1971A fen or marsh; chiefly British (6)
1976Has permission to (8)
1977, 91*(Only in Tournament Word List) (17)
1978Away from the wind (3)
1979An obscene gesture made with one of the fingers (7)
1984A chamber pot; chiefly British (14)
1988Stationing at a post (10)
1989To cross a river by boat (11)
1995One who forges or manufactures (10)
YearPlayerDefinition (points)
1999To mark by burning with hot iron (8)
2000A type of small swallow (8)
2001More crazy (9)
2003To cross a river by foot (8)
2004A hold made by grasping around the shoulders from behind (7)
2009A mythical creature typically with wings and a lion's body (14)
2010One who changes direction or orientation (6)
2013To suppress or avoid (11)
2017A skilled worker of stone or brick (7)

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