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Everyone's voices are stolen and Willow finds herself a nice piece of lesbian tail.
Something weird is going on with the swim team. Cue Xander in a speedo.
Faith returns to Sunnydale. Xander loses an eye.
Giles and Joyce do it.
Demon Frat Party. Dan from Charmed makes a guest appearance.
Xander and Cordelia finally kiss. Buffy likes Dorothy Hamill.
Xander saves the day. The gang stops Apocalypse #3
Xander fears he may have eaten people. Buffy loses her dignity.
Andrew confronts the murder he's committed.
Groundhog's Day...with a mummy hand.
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The first appearance of the First Slayer. Cheese plays a prevelant role.
Spike gets a soul.
Buffy does an impression of Ghandi...ya know, if he was really pissed off.
Buffy seeks answers about the Scythe. Meets an old lady. Faith sleeps a lot.
Buffy loses her powers. Giles is fired from the Council.
Xander gets possessed. A principal gets eaten.
Xander hardboils a demon. Cordelia does manual labor for (probably) the first time ever.
The Anointed One is born. Buffy speaks her famous line: 'If the apocalypse comes...beep me.'
Oz gets jealous of Willow's lesbian relationship and goes all wolfy.
Giles takes a trip, Anya's ex-fiance comes to town. Willow admits it was her lips that broke up Xander and Cordelia.

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