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What breed is Lady?
Easy what sort of gift is Lady?
Which step does Lady fall from as a puppy?
who voiced Lady?
Who are Lady's neighbours and best friends?
Where is Tramp when we first see him?
Everybody knows that a dogs best friend is?
Who was the jazz singer who sang the siamese cat song?
Where does Tramp take Lady to get her muzzle removed?
Why doesn't Tramp ask the apes?
Who gets the muzzle off Lady?
What does the animal who removes the muzzle use it for?
Where does Tramp take Lady on a date?
What do they eat, which leads to the most famous scene in the movie?
Who is tonys employee?
What song do they sing to Lady and Tramp?
Why doesn't Lady want to stay with the tramp as a wild dog?
What does Tramp think is a good idea before he takes Lady home
In the pound what are they doing too exscape?
What is the song Pegg sings?
Who are Tramps ex's?
What does Ladys friends offer when she is home from the pound?
What does Tramp bring Lady as a peace offering?
What goes into the babies room?
How can a dog get into the house?
Who kills the rat?
What does aunt sarah think Lady and tramp are doing?
Where does aunt sarah put Lady?
Who tracks down Tramp but also gets injured?
How many pups does Lady and the Tramp have at the end of the movie?

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