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'The painted ladies of the Avalon'
'It's out of control, and there's nothing I can do now'
'I gotta get the southbound train tonight'
'She was a good girl, been true to herself'
'Remember the good old 1980s'
'And if she goes away, I'm like someone who's left out in the rain'
'Did you see your friend crying from his eyes today?'
'I still see that vision of delight, while cruising on the black of night'
'The streets, the signs are pointing all one way'
'Take care of your woman, or you'll never ever see the light'
'London, Hamburg, Paris, Rome'
'Oh let those guitars play, play for me, play for me'
'There's a silence in the city'
'The clock shall tell the tale when all is well, is well'
'Two drifters on the morning sky, two drifters sailing wide and high'

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