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Can you name the Paul McCartney (and Wings, etc.) song to which the following opening lyrics belong?

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Opening LyricSong
'I've been living in style, unaccustomed as I am to the luxury life'
'Well, when I met you at the station, you were standing with a bootleg in your hand'
'Ah, she tastes like wine, such a human being, so divine'
'I light a candle to our love, in love our problems disappear'
'And if I said, I really knew you well, what would your answer be?'
'Look like a woman, dress like a lady, yeah'
'Must have been a lot of heartache for you to sink so low'
'Every day she takes a morning bath, she wets her hair, wraps a towel around her as she's heading for the bedroom chair'
'I can try to give you everything you ever wanted, you're not hard to please'
'Darling, I love you very, very, very much, and I really am relying on your touch'
'Any time, any day, you can hear the people say'
'And when I go away, I know my heart can stay'
'I saw you sitting at the centre of a circle, everybody, everybody wanted something from you'
'I bit my tongue, I never talked too much, I tried to be so strong'
'I was walking down the street one day, who did I meet?, I met a friend of mine and he did say, Man, I can smell your feet a mile away'
Opening LyricSong
'Picking up scales and broken chords, puppy dog tails in the House of Lords, tell me, darling, what does it mean?'
'I tried to get over you, I tried to find something new'
'Well I used to smile when I was a pup, sailing down the Nile in a china cup'
'All at once you get love on your mind, and your world is as kind as a penny'
'I can wait another day until I call you'
'Lift up your head and remember what your life is, don't have to give it all away'
'I will always be hoping, hoping'
'When you were young and your heart was an open book'
'Someone's knocking at the door, somebody's ringing the bell'
'Can I get you to give me a minute of your time?'
'I've got too much on my plate, don't have no time to be a decent lover'
'You're talking to me from the back of my car, and I can't get nothing right'
'Give me your hand, I'd like to shake it'
'Say you don't love him, my salamander'
'Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong, I can't help it but I don't know the song'

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