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Can you name the answers to the questions beginning with D?

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Disney film about an elephant
Capital of Ireland
Measure of sound
European country
Wimbledon winner (surname)
Impressionistic 20th century composer
Christianity's misleading figure
Family game
Sport requiring no running
African drum
Large sea creature
Mary's transport to Bethlehem
Result of a severe water shortage
Sofa & bed producing company
Can be opened/closed to enter/exit rooms
Punctuation mark
Style of music developing in 1970s
Battery company
Late Romantic composer. Composed The Water Goblin
Movement of a substance from high to low concentration
Kidney machine
'A woman's best friend'
Place where ships park/stop
State of a person after consuming too much alcohol
Most common English word starting with D
Male duck
Dog breed
One of the 7 dwarves
Blood sucking fictional creatures

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