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Name...AnswerAnother Clue
A 12 letter ornamentBegins with A
A note adding up to the legnth of 2 semibrevesThe longest lasting note
A C Clef beginning with TIs used for the upper range of the double bass
A C Clef beginning with AThe viola plays in this clef
An obsolete clef (name any 1 of them)Obsolete means out of date and these clefs are therefore no longer used
A bigger chord than majorThe biggest chord type
A smaller chord than minorThe smallest chord type
What does SATB stand forChoirs use this
The shortest lasting note22 letters long
The stage direction 'ff' meansLouder than forte
Name...AnswerAnother Clue
Name an Irregular bar phrase less than 12 barsThe answer is NOT 4 or 8 bar phrases
An augmented 5th has ..... semitonesA perfect fifth has 7
The lowest sounding member of the brass familyPlays in the bass clef
The highest sounding member of the strings familyHas 4 strings
What family does the Piano fall into?Its NOT Strings
An F Clef still in useThere is only one left
The notes of the chord G minor are...G major is: G B D
A scale that plays every semitone in its wayRequired for Grade 2 Practical
What does the term 'Etwas Lebhaft' meanIts German
What is the name given to 2 notes played in the time of 3 notesBe careful! Its NOT a triplet

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