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You go back jack..
Not Queens but _____
It Owes The Charmer Under Me
Salads and Sun
Acute Myocardial Infarction.
Are You ------ -- --- ----- ?
I'm A Fool To Do this. Oh Yeah.
Tell Me, where are you riding?
Nothin' Left To Burn
If You listen, You Can hear it.
Won't You Take Me by the hand?
I Hear You Are singing a song of the past..
Bring it back, bring it back now.
...And I'm Never Going Back.
Making Movies Of Themselves
Do You Throw These Out ?
Singing Voulez Voulez Voulez Vou
No Marigolds In The Promised Land
'It's A Beggars Life' said the Queen Of Spain
I never seen you looking so bad.
Over there, They Do Things Very Strange...
Their only Instrumental Written by 'Duke Ellington'
A new saxophone sensation
Oh yeah, uh huh, all right.
Where did you get those shoooes?
You Don't Wanna Call nobody else
I Might be wrong, but I have seen your face before
Five Nights without a bite...
ill pack my things and move so far from here!
My Friend!
still drinks his coke and rum.
Are you with me?
Now were alone at last...
Feed All The Kangaroos!
Their Only Sequal
It Feels Soooo Good...
It's Better than the one I come from...
Pan Fry the Big Ones!
And A Pina Colada, My Friend..
Is There Gas In The Car??
I recall when I was small, how I spent my days alone.
I crossed my old man back in OR
Do You Like to take a yo-yo for a ride?
I remember, the rings of rare design
Never Gonna Do it Without it On..
Congratulations this is your ____ ____!
See The Glory..
Are You gonna tell me?
I Can't cry anymore.
When All my dime-dancing is through.
I'll learn to work the saxophone
I've seen your pin shot.
You! In your lark.
The danger on the rocks is surely past.
We're Gonna Revv up the motorscooters
Shake It!
No We Can't Dance Together
6:05 Outside the stadium
Are you holding the mystical sphere?
Lord, I know you're a special friend.
...across his face, he wears a hearing aid. Sure, He's A Jolly Roger.
Their Last Song For Another 20 Years.
Released as a single as the title track of the 1978 Film,
On the subject of Singles, why don't we name their first two.
and the other side was...?
In the year 2000... Flame is the game.
Well, now that was just a rumor...
Respective hidey-holes.
Who Says Today's A Fun Day?
She's 'this' in a natural way.
...but he's gone, yes indeed.
Who Loves Incest?
More Of The Same, More of the Same.
Their Longest song, 8:21.
It's Last Call To Do your shopping..
The Talk, The Sex.
Chillin' At The Manitee Bar
On The Case!
Walter Becker On Lead Vocal!
My coat is black and the moon is yellow.
That's When she jumps the turnstyle
That must be her again... she's ringing on my bell!
Their Last Song Ever Recorded. 6:45.

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