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Can you name the words that end with 'ue'?

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hintswords ening in ue
A hint or Parker Bros. board game
A primary color
To strongly debate ones opinion
A prompt, often on cards
Owed, or scheduled to arrive
Holds things together
A property of color
Verifiable, a fact
To accumulate
Place to stroll down, 5th for instance
Browse before you shop
Take leagal action against
To keep going
Communication with another
A strong dialect or accent
hintswords ening in ue
Where the story wraps up
Tired, spent
Cheese or chocolate, your choice
Place where it all happens
Artless inncoent young girl
To distribute or give
the freezer, the 'final' chillout spot
Temple, place of Jewish worship
To chase after
To free from captivity
Your take before the IRS takes a cut
Medusa's famous for making them
Cold and flu season necessity
Keep it away from fozen lampposts

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