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Can you name the word that finish these common idioms?

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incomplete idiomidiom wordsidiom meanings
He has a '______ ______ stomach.'He can eat anything.
'Don't cry over _______ ________.'Don't make something a bigger deal than it needs to be.
Can't wait for the '______ days of summer!'Lazy time!
She went from '______ to riches.'Changing ones status in life
She was the '_____ of the party.'To be the most sought after one.
'Great ______ think alike!'Intelligent people think like each other
Well isn't that just '______ on the cake!'Topping something that is already a good thing!
It takes 'two to ________.'Two person conflict where both parties are at fault
Aw, you're 'just _______ me!'Kidding
'Keep your _____ up!'Remain joyful in a tough situation
My dog 'kicked the ______ yesterday.'Died
And now, 'last but not _________'Just as important as the first
It's good to let '________ be ________.'To forget, let go of an argument
He let the '_____ out of the bag.'Let out secret information
She ran around like a '______ with its head cut off!'Act in a frenzied manner
incomplete idiomidiom wordsidiom meanings
There's a 'method to my _________.'To have a reason though it might be crazy.
'_______ the word!'To promise to keep quiet about something
She is the 'new ______ on the block.'To be the newest member.
Never bite the _____ that feeds you!Don't hurt those who help you.
There's just no 'room to _____ a cat.'A tight or confining area
He's not 'playing with a full _______'Someone lacking intelligence
We got off 'on the wrong ______.'Starting something off badly
'Are we on the same _______?'In agreement about something
'Over my _______ body!'Absolutely not allowing something to happen
Time to put ' _____ to the metal.'Get moving with something.
Make sure you 'perk up your _______.'Pay close attention
Well thats just a 'pig in a ______'A deal that is made without thought.
I'm just '_______ you leg.'Teasing someone
Hey 'Put a ______ in it!'Tell someone to be quiet.
'_______ wasn't built in a day!'Things take time to be done properly.

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