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Can you name the Magical Medical Cures?

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Magical AilmentsMagical CurativesStory Connections
Grows bones backFirst used on Harry after Lockhart's attempt at a 'healing'
fights the common coldFred and George gave to Ginny when she was looking miserable in Chamber of Secrets
Feel better after a dementor encounterMakes ANYthing better!
Un 'petrifies' a victimGiven to the Basilisk's victims
Cures serious forms of acneShould have been used by Eloise Midgeon
Soothes and cures cuts and woundsHarry uses after Umbridge's Detention
Helps to calm nerves and sooth anxietyGiven to Hannah Abbot during OWLS
Used after massive blood lossArthur takes after his kiss from a Nagini
A cure for many poisonsIt's lucky Harry has a special potion's book.
Magical AilmentsMagical CurativesStory Connections
Keeps the wolf at baySanpes makes as a tasty treat for Lupin. Too bad sugar makes it ineffective.
Counteracts the swelling solutionNeeded after a Filibuster Firework exploded in class to cover Hermione's Theft
Keeps the drinker alive foreverOk, not a cure, but would be for Voldemort!
Reverses the aging processWas used on Neville's toad by Snape
Puts the user into a deep sleep to forgetHarry was given after Cedric's demise
Used after a bite from a BasiliskHelp will be given to all who are loyal
Heals serious woundsHermione uses on Ron after he is 'splinched'
Will keep you alive, if even it is a half lifeOnly Voldemort would dare use something so precious

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