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LyricSong Name
He was always there to help her out she always belonged to someone else
I wonder if he's half the lover that I am
I can't wait to take you home fingers through your hair kisses on your back
The way it feels to be completely intertwined
Hear a sound and hit the ground
Kept playing love like it was just a game pretending to feel the same
I'm waiting for something always waiting, feeling nothing
On our way home I realize there's some kind of storm brewing in his eyes
LyricSong Name
If you don't know then you can't care and you show up but your not there
So fall down I need you to trust me
Now I can't walk I can't talk anymore since you walked out the door
Your boyfriend gives you no respect and I can see your getting it
Only to wake up with an empty bed on a perfect summers day
I'll make you believe that I've got the key
I can't seem to find the pretty little face I left behind

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