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Song LyricSong Title
All you have to do is dream and we'll be there
I know you have questions the same ones as me. How long has it been? How long will it be?
The time has come for my dreams to be heard they will not be pushed aside or worse turned into your own
Even though the rough times are showing
You'll know I'll always love you.
This small job is just as much your sin. Look at me, look at me! How much did you put out to get in?
You're strong and you're smart you've taken my heart
Look At Me Mister I'm A Star
Help me Jesus up back up
This dream is for all of us, this one can be real
Song LyricSong Title
Me and my baby gonna check check check out the sights
Now all you give is jealous hate come on daddy better lose some weight
I'll be better than I am I'm trying to find a way to understand but I need you
And though its hard for me to show it I have to let you know it Cuz darling I love you more each day
I know you dont trust, the way I feel
I feel just like the titanic I'm always going down
The trouble is I don't really have the time
The smile I had has gone away those that steal are gonna pay
When it all seemed to go bad but then I found you and I have had the most beautiful dreams any mans ever had

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