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Can you name the Sara Bareilles songs the following lyrics come from?

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Forced Order
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I could rage like a fire.Little Voice
If I were fearless, then I'd speak my truth.Kaleidoscope Heart
Tattoo my body with every Broadway show.Little Voice
Don't feel the summer like I used to.Kaleidoscope Heart
Watch from the ground as the gold fluttered down from the sky.Kaleidoscope EP
Well maybe I'm just dreamin' out loud.[TITLE] - Single
He loves with rhythm and paints with flame.Careful Confessions
See the doorways of a thousand churches.Live Session
How you love is who you are.Careful Confessions
It's all my fault. I want you to hold me any way you can.Careful Confessions
Leave unsaid unspoken.Little Voice
You're neither friend nor foe...Little Voice
Promise me you'll leave the light on...Little Voice
I'll be alright, just not tonight.Kaleidoscope Heart
My heart breaks in a heartbeat...Careful Confessions
All I have, all I need, he's the air I would kill to breathe.Kaleidoscope Heart
What else could you do with seven itty bitty men?Little Voice
It's only rain.Careful Confessions
Started as flicker meant to be a flame.Little Voice
Sky, don't let the sun go.Kaleidoscope Heart
Send in your armies of robbers and thieves...Kaleidoscope Heart
Watchin' the tide roll away.Between the Lines
The storm is coming soon.Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs
Sip it slow 'cause it's so nice.Little Voice
Didn't want to tell you you were right.Kaleidoscope Heart
Such a cruel, cruel heart.Between the Lines
You are monsters and angels untouched and unseen.Little Voice
Red runs through our veins.Kaleidoscope Heart
Such a beautiful mess intertwined and overrun.Kaleidoscope Heart
No ordinary wings I'll need...Little Voice
Who needs angels anyway?Little Voice
Maybe nobody loved you when you were young.Kaleidoscope Heart
I'll make the best of these wings.Kaleidoscope Heart
Red letter day and I'm in a blue mood...Little Voice
Its not the curtain closing causing us to call it a day.Kaleidoscope Heart
It's coming on Christmas. They're cutting down trees.[TITLE] - Single
Stuck under this ceiling I made. I can't help but feeling I'm going down.Kaleidoscope Heart
Keep drinking coffee, stare me down across the table...Kaleidoscope Heart
Could I hold you?Little Voice

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