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What is the biggest sword in Terraria, yet not the strongest (In terms of damage)?
How much mana does it take to use a magic mirror?
What is the most powerful weapon that can be made without ores or other weapons?
Which NPC will sell you a grappling hook?
When can doors be broken down by zombies?
What is the best enchantment for melee weapons?
What is the strongest slime?
Where is the Moonglow plant found?
Where do you find a Starfury?
What atribute do the Jungle tools focus on? (Speed, Archery, Strength, etc.)
What ore glows underground but is most commonly achieved by killing pre-hardmode bosses?
What new biome is created upon unlocking hardmode?
What status ailment prevents the player from repeatedly drinking potions?
What is used to summon the Eater of Worlds?
What flail is found in the Dungeon?
What is needed to smelt Hellstone Ore?
What is the most commonly seen block in the Underworld (Besides lava)?
Which boss kills you when you use a Magic Mirror?
What weapon uses sand for ammo?
(Challenge Question) What enemy resembles a character from the movie 'Spirited Away'?

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