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Can you name the countries of the world from the northenmost to the southernmost?

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Latitude and continentCountriesNorthernmost point
Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut83°06'N (NA)
Cape Fligeli, Rudolf Island, Franz Josef Land, Arkhangelsk Oblast81°51'N (As)
Rossøya, Svalbard80°49'N (E)
Point Barrow, Alaska71°23'N (NA)
Nuorgam, Utsjoki, Lapland 70°05'N (E)
Treriksröset, Kiruna, Lapland69°04'N (E)
Kolbeinsey, Eyjafjarðarsýsla67°08'N (E)
Out Stack, Shetland Islands60°51'N (E)
Vaindloo island, Vainupea village, Vihula Parish, Lääne-Viru County59°48'N (E)
Ipiķi parish58°05'N (E)
Grenen, Skagen, North Jutland57°45'N (E)
Rumbos56°27'N (E)
Proshki56°08'N (E)
Inishtrahull Island, County Donegal55°26'N (E)
Border with Russia55°06'N (As)
List, Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein55°03'N (E)
Cape Rozewie, Pomorskie54°50'N (E)
on the Amur River53°34'N (As)
Rottumerplaat, Groningen53°32'N (E)
Gremac52º22'N (E)
Border with Russia52º09'N (As)
Dreef, Antwerp51°50'N (E)
Bray-Dunes, Nord51°05'N (E)
Severni51°02'N (E)
Gouvy50°11'N (E)
Beskydok49°36'N (E)
Neumühlbach, Lower Austria49°01'N (E)
border with Slovakia, near Nagy-Milic48°35'N (E)
Naslavcea48°28'N (E)
Horodiştea, Botoşani48°15'N (E)
Bargen, Canton of Schaffhausen47°48'N (E)
Ruggell47°14'N (E)
Zwillingsköpfl, South Tyrol47°05'N (E)
Budinci46°52'N (E)
Latitude and continentCountriesNorthernmost point
Žabnik, Sveti Martin na Muri, Međimurje county46°33'N (E)
Hajdukovo46°11'N (E)
East of Jasenovac45°43'N (E)
 45°36'N (As)
Cape Soya, Hokkaidō45°31'N (As)
Timok Mouth, Vidin Province44°13'N (E)
Falciano, Serravalle43°59'N (E)
Punta de Estaca de Bares, Galicia43º47'N (E)
Avenue Varavilla43°45'N (E)
South of Aibga43°35'N (As)
Mocevici, Pljevlja municipality43°32'N (E)
Border with Serbia43°25'N (E)
 43°16'N (As)
Kuok-tong43°00'N (As)
North of Arychagyl42°50'N (As)
Pic du Port42°39'N (E)
West of Kuti42°30'N (E)
Boskovci42°21'N (E)
Cevide, Cristoval, Melgaço42°07'N (E)
Cape İnceburun, by Sinop42°06'N (E)
Corner of Viale Vaticano and Via Leone IV41°54'N (E)
 41°53'N (As)
Ormenio, Evros prefecture41°43'N (E)
Mamai41°17'N (As)
North of Punuk41°02'N (As)
North of Kukh, West Azarbaijan Region39°47'N (As)
North of Songdojin-ni38°37'N (As)
South of Qal'Aikhum38°22'N (As)
North of Sanat37°23'N (As)
Ra's al Abyad37°21'N (Af)
Tigris south of Cizre37°19'N (As)
Kilik Pass37°06'N (As)
Cap Bougaroûn, Skikda37°05'N (Af)
Xwieni Bay, Marsalforn Żebbuġ, Gozo36°05'N (E)
Latitude and continentCountriesNorthernmost point
Cape Spartel35°55'N (Af)
Cape Apostolos Andreas35°42'N (E)
Siachen Glacier35°30'N (As)
North of An Nasiriyah34°43'N (As)
Tripoint with Syria and Iraq33°22'N (As)
10 km north of Qiryat Shemona, or Mount Hermon33°17'N (As)
Ras Ajdir33°10'N (Af)
Monumento 206 in Los Algodones, municipality of Mexicali, Baja California32°43'N (NA)
Jabal Anaiza32°14'N (As)
Sidi Barrani31°36'N (Af)
Lapche Pass30°26'N (As)
Border with Iraq30°06'N (As)
Watershed of the Irrawady28°32'N (As)
North of Lunana28°20'N (As)
Walker's Cay, Abaco Islands27°16'N (NA)
Tetulia, Panchgar26°38'N (As)
As Salamah26°30'N (As)
Dongyin, Matsu Islands26°23'N (As)
Tripoint with Algeria and Western Sahara26°20'N (Af)
Muharraq Island26°17'N (As)
Ras Rakhan26°09'N (As)
West of Chashawfi26°05'N (As)
Border with Mauritania25°00'N (Af)
Tripoint with Algeria and Libya23°31'N (Af)
Tibesti Massif23°30'N (Af)
Lung Cu23°22'N (As)
Cayo Cruz del Padre23°16'N (NA)
Ban Lengsuchai22°29′N (As)
Wadi Halfa22°12'N (Af)
Mavudis (Yami) Island, Batan Islands21°07'N (As)
Mae Sai20°27'N (As)
Pointe Tete de Chien20°04'N (NA)

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