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Can you name the Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies-(Perks, Characters, Etc)?

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Who, What, When, Why, HowMust Use Dashes and Last Names!Type
Take More HitsPerk
Reload FasterPerk
Fire FasterPerk
Revive Faster or (In Solo) Revive After a Few SecondsPerk
Take No Explosive, Falling, or Ray Gun Damage, Explode When Diving From a High AreaPerk
Run Faster and LongerPerk
Reduce Kick, Fire More Accurately From The Hip, Eliminate the Sway on Sniper Rifles, and Auto-Aim onto Zombie's HeadsPerk
Carry 3 Guns, Found on Every MapPerk
First Featured on the Map Der RieseKnife Upgrade
First Featured on the Map AscensionKnife Upgrade
Japenese (Cares for Honor)Person
Russian (Likes Vodka)Person
American (Very Agressive)Person
German (Crazy)Person
Leader of Group 935Person
Leader of Ascension Group, Created Gersch DevicePerson
Worked With His Partner on the Gersch Device, Became InsanePerson
Woman Ludwig Maxis Was Secretly In-Love WithPerson
Hanging Body Found on Shi No NumaPerson
Created Upgraded Ray Gun and Upgraded Zap Gun Dual WieldPerson
Assassinated President, Very Rich FamilyPerson
Former President, Had a Dog Named 'Checkers'Person
Former Secretary of DefensePerson
Former Dictator of CubaPerson
Starred In 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'Person
Starred in 'Nightmare on Elm Street'Person
Starred in 'Machete'Person
Who, What, When, Why, HowMust Use Dashes and Last Names!Type
Starred in 'Slither'Person
Directed Many Horror MoviesPerson
Kills All Currently Spawned Zombies, Awards 400 PointsPower-Up
Rebuilds All Windows, Awards 200 PointsPower-Up
Zombies Die With 1 Bullet or 1 Slash of the KnifePower-Up
Doubles the Points Being EarnedPower-Up
Replenishes Ammo and GrenadesPower-Up
Unlimited Ammo For a Short Time, Only Available to the Player Who Picks it UpPower-Up
Mystery Box Spawns At All Locations, Reduces Price of Mystery Box From 950 Points to 10 PointsPower-Up
Reduces the Price of Pack-a-Punch from 5000 to 1000, Only Available on FivePower-Up
Awards a Random PerkPower-Up
Plays Music and Attracts Zombies, Blows UpTactical Grenade
Sucks Zombies Into a Black Hole, Players Can Jump Into the Black Hole and Teleport to a Random LocationTactical Grenade
Each Blow Up a Total of 4 Times, Tactical Grenade
Produces a Random Effect Upon Throwing, Can Bless or Curse the Player(s)Tactical Grenade
Very Powerful, Fully Automatic, Shoots Green BallsWonder Weapon
Shoots Chain LightningWonder Weapon
Blasts Zombies With a Gust of WindWonder Weapon
Freezes ZombiesWonder Weapon
Turns Zombies Into HumansWonder Weapon
Explosive Sniper RifleWonder Weapon
Shrinks Zombies, Player Must Kick Zombie To Kill ItWonder Weapon
Kills One Zombie Per Shot, Zombies Die Similarly to the WunderwaffeWonder Weapon
Zap Gun Dual Wield Combined, Capable of Killing an Unlimited Amount of Zombies With One ShotWonder Weapon
Night of the UndeadMap
Zombie SwampMap
Who, What, When, Why, HowMust Use Dashes and Last Names!Type
The GiantMap
Cinema of the DeadMap
Takes Place at The PentagonMap
Arcade StyleMap
Soviet CosmodromeMap
Crashed Boat, Snowy AreaMap
Takes Place In an Exotic JungleMap
Takes Place In SpaceMap
After Shooting All of the BarrelsSong
Flushing the Toilet 3 TimesSong
Dialing the PhoneSong
Looking at the 3 Brain StemsSong
Activating the Theatrical MeteorsSong
Dialing the 3 Red PhonesSong
Activating the 3 Teddy Bears Holding a SickleSong
Activating the Snowy MeteorsSong
Activating the 3 Meteors in the JungleSong
Activating the Astronaut Teddy BearsSong
Spins Around Sending Zombies Flying Backwards, Found only on Shi No NumaTrap
Electrocutes ZombiesTrap
Burns Zombies to a CrispTrap
Shoots Zombies AutomaticallyTrap
Writes Most of the Zombie SongsSong Creator
Sings Most of the Zombie SongsSong Creator
Gives Player a Random Weapon, Costs 950 PointsWeapon Arsenal
Brings Zombies to Life, Powers Most Wonder WeaponsElement
Machine Gersch is Trapped In, Part of Big Easter Egg on AscensionMachine

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