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What bird did the Ancient Mariner have hung around his neck?
What is the name for the structure whales use to filter food from seawater?
What animal did rugby player Bryan Habana attempt to race in 2007?
Pokemon number 87 is named after which aquatic mammal?
Which bird's name is an anagram of 'greet'?
What fish is synonymous with a verb meaning to struggle?
Which animal has species including Masai, Reticulated, and Kordofan?
What category of dog breeds can also be called hunting dogs?
Which dinosaur translates into English as 'fish lizard'?
What animal is associated with NFL in Jacksonville, Florida?
Which bird has species including Laughing, Blue-winged, and Spangled?
What was the filling of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation pie from the RAF?
What island did the Dodo inhabit?
Which animal shares its name with a famous literary submarine?
What animal translates as 'Old man of the forest'?
What pig-like animal is also known as Javelina and Skunk Pig?
Which one of these is not a real animal: Quagga, Quendi, Quokka, or Quoll?
What animal 'gives birth' to Ace Ventura in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls?
What is the largest bony fish?
What animal does 'meleagrine' describe?
Which african country has a grey-crowned crane on its flag?
Which bird has a stomach that can safely digest anthrax?
What larvae is found and eaten in Australia as an outback snack?
Which group of mammals includes Anteaters and Sloths, and translates as 'strange joints'?
What type of butter is put into Nepalese butter tea?
What south Asian cattle species are characterised by a fatty hump?

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