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Forced Order
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Which university did Rebecca go to?
What is Rebecca's last name?
What school does Greg consider to be the 'Harvard of the South'?
What is Rebecca's next door neighbor's name?
Which character who works at Darryl's firm is mute?
Where does Josh just happen to live?
How many songs are in the 1st season?
Who is Rebecca's nemesis from New York?
What is Josh's girlfriend's name in the first season?
Which character does a reprise of Greg's 'Settle for Me' song?
Who is Paula's husband?
Who is Josh's priest and childhood friend?
Who did Rebecca coincidentally run into on the way to New York?
Who is Rebecca's boss?
Which character, who has been in love with her since college, made an appearance in 'Josh and I go to Los Angeles'?
Naomi Bunch is played by...
Who did Paula almost have an affair with?
Who is Darryl dating by the season 1 finale?

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