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Full Name of Sovereign State 
National Anthem (Unofficial) 
Patron Saint 
National Holiday for above patron saint 
Flag Colour 
Flag Colour 
Flag Name 
Scottish Royal Banner of Arms 
Centre of Scottish Government 
Official Language 
Official Language 
Currency sub-division 
Highest Mountain 
Second Highest Mountain 
Largest Island 
Largest Loch (Area) 
Largest Loch (Volume) 
Longest River 
Mainland extreme point: North 
Mainland extreme point: East 
Mainland extreme point: South 
Mainland extreme point: West 
Extreme points: North 
Extreme points: East 
Extreme points: South 
Extreme points: West 
Bordering Country 
Bordering Ocean 
Bordering Sea 
Bordering Sea 
First Minister 
Leading Party of the Scottish Executive 
Number of seats at Hollyrood 
Number of Scottish seats at Westminster 
Prime Minister 
Scotlands Cities
Capital City 
Largest City 
Nicknamed 'The Granite City' 
The River Tay runs through this City 
Scottish City twinned with Augsburg, Germany 
City historically nicknamed 'Gateway to the Highlands' 
Scotlands Newest City 
Oldest Universities
Established (1413) 
Established (1451) 
Established (1495) 
Newest Universities
Established (2007) 
Established (2007) 
Established (2011) 
Notable Roman Wall 
Famous battle occurring in the year 1297 
Scottish Leader at said battle 
Famous battle occurring in the year 1314 
Scottish Leader at said battle 
Famous battle occurring in the year 1746 
Scottish Leader at said battle 
Clan involved Massacre of Glencoe 
Clan involved Massacre of Glencoe 
National Football Stadium 
National Rugby Stadium 
Oldest Clubs currently in SPL 
Oldest Clubs currently in SPL 
Oldest Clubs currently in SPL 
Current SPL Champions 
Multi-sport event held in Glasgow in 2014 

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