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Can you name the quotes on Mumma's board for the 2009-2010 academic year (and some from previous years)?

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Man, this dayD. Kerrisk
I was driving through Newtown andJ. Jowdy
If your voice were any more annoying,P. Kokias
Did you just call meC. O'Connor
PullD. Kerrisk
God, not a good yearH. Gaa
What's a boatD. Kerrisk
I'm allM. Ioli
I like the devil,J. Jowdy
Lead inFinishSaid by...
I heartK. Mumma
I didn't know she [Lady Gaga]T. McCauley
Heels are hardD. Deloma
What's aX. Frye
He has a lot of free time;C. O'Connor
That's a meatyK. Mumma
I didn't know that was a country;J. Jowdy
I wanted toB. Lowden
I don't wearD. Deloma
Who'sM. Wright

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