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Hint (Before)AnswerHint (After)
1987 Animated Film about appliancesBaked Breakfast Pastry
Utah CapitalFilm (1998) starring Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage
90s Boy Band who sang 'I want it that way'(1984) Don Henley song
National Beauty PagentTyra Banks' Reality TV Show
TV show featuring Paddy's PubFootball team from the city of brotherly love
Roald Dahl NovelFilm (2006) about Edie Sedgwick starring Sienna Miller
Disney Original Movie starring Erin Chambers (1999)Disney Musical Starring Angela Lansbury (1971)
Hint (Before)AnswerHint (After)
Morning Beverage ContainerPrison Photo
Blossom, Bubbles, and ButtercupSpring Break Candid Camera Series
Stage name of singer Annie ClarkHe painted Starry Night
Second largest country in OceaniaPortuguese speaking West African Country
Greek king of of Macedon who created one of the largest empires in ancient history.World Wonder located in East Asia
Won an Academy Award for Jerry McGuireRefreshing Chocolate movie theater candy

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