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Wants to give 'em something to talk about
Would like a little respect, and can spell it too
Would like to know if you happen to be lonesome tonight
Wants to know what you have against doing it in the road
Wants you to take another little piece of their heart
Wants to get some satisfaction, and perhaps a girl reaction
Doesn't want you to go breaking their hearts
Wants to break free from your lies - you're so self-satisfied
Wants you to hit the road, and is inexplicably calling you Jack
Wants you to ahh, push it - push it real good
Wants you to pour some sugar on them
Does not want you to stop until you get enough
Wants you to want them
Wants to know what love is; wants you to show them
Wants you to justify their love
You make them want to leave the one they're with and start a new relationship with you
Wants you to attend a party for two - it's only going to be you and them there
Wants you to ride their pony
Wants you, preferably for Christmas
Wants to know where you were while they were getting high
Wants you to quit playing games (with their hearts)
Wants to love you, forever
Waiting for you to ring their doorbell
Wants you to cry them a river
Wants to f***ing tear you apart
Knows that you want them, and similarly you know they want you
Wants you to smack that, all on the floor
Wants YOOUUU to crank dat
Wants to follow you until you love them, as well as to be your paparazzi
All they want to do is ... and take your money

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