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character namesmovie
Mickey, Brand, Mouth
Andy Dufresne, Heywood, Red Redding
David Mills, Detective Lt. William Somerset, John Doe
Seth Davis, Chris Varick, Abbie Halpert
Peter Brand, Art Howe, Sharon
Sharon, Marianne, Mr. Griffith
P.K. Highsmith, Christopher Danson, Dr. Sheila Gamble
Robert Angier, Alfred Borden, Cutter
Jake Hoyt, Alonzo Harris, Roger
Robert Graysmith,Inspector David Toschi, Paul Avery
character namesmovie
Stu Shepard, Captain Ed Ramey,
Bryan Mills, Kim, Amanda
Wade Porter, Viper, snowman
Jim Braddock, Joe Gould, Max Baer
Charlie Croker, Stella Bridger, Steve
Peter McCallister, Marv, Uncle Frank
Kevin Caffery, Max Fairbanks
Kenny Sommerfeld, Dale Arbus, Nick Hendricks
Mort Rainey, John Shooter, Ted Milner
Jake Wyler, Priscilla, Reggie Ray

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