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hydrogen gas
sodium nitrate
Calcium Fluoride
Diphosphorous pentasulfide
Lithium Oxide
Zinc Hydrogen Carbonate
Copper (I) sulfate
Ammonium Oxide
Sodium chloride
Nitrogen Monophosphide
Nitrogen gas
Nitrogen Tribromide
Copper (II) iodide
Iron (III) Oxide
Carbon tetrahydride
Potassium permangante
nickel (II) acetate
Potassium Bromide
sodium nitrate
Tin (IV) Bromide
Silver sulfide
Dinitrogen Trioxide
Carbon Tetrahydride (Methane)
Carbon Tetrafluoride
Silicon Dioxide
Aluminum sulfide
Nickel (II) Iodide
Aluminum Sulfate
Nickel (II) nitrate
Boron trisulfide
Lead (IV) oxide
Lithium Chromate
Ammonium chloride
Potassium phosphate
Xenon tetrafluroide
silver sulfide
silver perchlorate
Dinitrogen Tetroxide
Calcium chloride
Ammonium Chloride
Lead (IV) oxide
Dinitrogen monoxide
Copper (II) iodide
Dicarbon Hexahydride
Ammonium Sulfide
Calcium Chlorate
Diphosphorous pentoxide
Selenium Tetrafluroide
Sulfur Dichloride
Iron (II) Oxide
Tellurium Dibromide
Tricarbon Tetranitride
Oxygen Gas
Phosphorus pentafluroide
Aluminum sulfide
Lead (II) Phosphate
Mercury (II) hydroxide
Mercury (II) hydroxide
Lithium chromate
Lithium oxide
potassium permanganate
Nickel (II) nitrate
Dinitrogen Trisulfide
Sodium phosphate
phosphorous mononitride
Dihyrdogen monoxide
Sodium Hydroxide
Selenium Difluoride
Diphosphorous Pentoxide
Carbon disulfide
Copper (I) sulfate
Calcium chloride
Carbon monoxide
Iron (II) Chromate
Carbon Tetrachloride
Dinitrogen pentoxide
Sodium phosphate
potassium phosphate
Nickel (II) acetate
Silver perchlorate

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