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Can you name the NHL players who have scored the most points for teams that they were not drafted by?

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Draft TeamPlayerPoints Scored with Different Teams
DET - 2nd in 19711405 (LAK, NYR)
CGY - 117th in 19841340 (STL, DAL, DET, ARI)
DAL - 11th in 19951300 (CGY, PIT, BOS, COL, LAK)
WIN - 10th in 19881151 (ANA, SJS, COL)
PIT - 67th in 19881148 (PHI, MTL, CAR, ATL, TBL, BOS)
NJD - 2nd in 19871126 (STL, HAR, DET, NYR)
STL - 9th in 19881074 (PHI, CAR)
STL - 134th in 19821060 (CGY, TOR, NJD, CHI, BUF, MTL)
QUE - 1st in 19891015 (TOR, VAN)
LAK - 4th in 19801009 (WSH, MNS, PIT, TOR, DET)
BUF - 1st in 19871004 (NYI, MTL, STL, DAL, COL)
BOS - 1st in 1997973 (SJS)
NYR - 34th in 1990963 (EDM, STL, CAR, ANA, NYI)
SJS - 23rd in 1991943 (EDM, FLA, CBJ, DET, CAR, ARI, DAL)
NYR - 14th in 1973898 (BOS)
TOR - 6th in 1986876 (EDM, MTL, SJS)
QUE - 1st in 1991865 (PHI, NYR, TOR, DAL)
BOS - 11th in 1969864 (CGS, CHI, ATF, VAN, DET)
EDM - 6th in 1980862 (PIT, LAK, DET, HAR, PHI, CHI, CAR, BOS)
EDM - 48th in 1979853 (NYR, VAN)
PIT - 5th in 1990842 (WSH, NYR, PHI, DAL, BOS, NJD, FLA, CGY)
PIT - 16th in 1991802 (VAN, NYR)
PHI - 6th in 1991770 (QUE, COL, NSH)
VAN - 5th in 1979767 (TOR, CHI, BUF)
BOS - 4th in 1970759 (PHI, HAR, PIT, DET)
DET - 17th in 1982744 (PHI, HAR, VAN, CHI, SJS)
OTT - 12th in 1997744 (ATL, PIT, DET, CHI)
STL - 134th in 1984744 (VAN, ARI, NSH, LAK, MIN, NYI)
OTT - 227th in 1993742 (STL, LAK, MIN, VAN)
BOS - 25th in 1974742 (HAR, PHI, DET)
NJD - 43rd in 1982742 (HAR, NYR, DAL, DET)
LAK - 3rd in 1997729 (NYI, FLA, ARI, CGY, NYR, WPG, NSH, TOR, STL)
PHI - 71st in 1993718 (OTT, FLA, TBL, ANA, NYR, CBJ)
NYR - 68th in 1988717 (CHI, ARI, PHI, CGY)
Draft TeamPlayerPoints Scored with Different Teams
NJD - 233rd in 1994711 (TOR, CHI, NSH, PIT. ARI)
MTL - 17th in 1987705 (HAR, CGY, VAN, CBJ, WSH)
BUF - 85th in 1972705 (BOS, VAN, NJD)
MTL - 33rd in 1987701 (PHI, PIT)
EDM - 7th in 1993699 (NJD, DAL, NSH, WSH, STL)
NYR - 15th in 1991699 (PIT, MTL, OTT, FLA)
WSH - 174th in 1993693 (NSH, ATL, MIN, COL, CHI)
NYR - 12th in 1983692 (MNS, DAL, TOR, CGY, FLA, VAN)
NYI - 23rd in 1993690 (VAN, FLA, DET, ANA, CGY)
CGS - 39th in 1974686 (LAK, BOS, PIT)
DET - 2nd in 1963683 (MTL, PIT)
LAK - 112th in 1983679 (PIT, BOS, NYR, PHI)
BUF - 6th in 1982674 (WIN, STL, CGY, NJD, WSH, CHI, TOR)
EDM - 111th in 1993672 (BUF, NYI, PIT, BOS)
CGS - 21st in 1975667 (MNS, WSH)
QUE - 1st in 1990661 (SJS, TOR, ARI, CGY, MIN)
LAK - 7th in 1988660 (EDM, QUE, VAN, CAR, CGY, FLA, NSH)
HAR - 10th in 1989659 (NJD, NYR, ATL)
NYR - 91st in 1995655 (CGY, ATL, BOS)
HAR - 2nd in 1993654 (STL, EDM, ANA, PHI)
LAK - 133rd in 1990645 (BOS, PIT, WSH, DET, CHI, MTL, ARI)
PHI - 27th in 1984643 (EDM, FLA, STL, ATL)
NJD - 5th in 1989642 (EDM, BOS, DAL, STL, SJS, NYI, PIT)
BOS - 3rd in 1970640 (CGS, PHI, DET)
MTL - 45th in 1998640 (DAL, WSH, ARI, NSH)
MTL - 40th in 1981639 (CHI, DET, ATL)
TOR - 22nd in 1971636 (PIT)
TOR - 30th in 1976629 (PIT, WIN)
HAR - 4th in 1981623 (PIT, TOR)
CHI - 8th in 1988620 (ARI, PHI, LAK, SJS)
HAR - 11th in 1986619 (PIT, QUE, COL, ANA, STL, DAL)
PHI - 28th in 2000618 (CAR, LAK, WSH)
BOS - 5th in 2006615 (TOR, PIT)
NYR - 85th in 1990615 (PIT, DAL)
Draft TeamPlayerPoints Scored with Different Teams
EDM - 20th in 1991612 (QUE, COL, MTL, DAL, NYR, STL, VAN)
TBL - 5th in 1995611 (PHI, ARI, CGY)
ATL - 2nd in 2000610 (OTT, SJS, MIN, ANA)
PHI - 95th in 2001605 (CHI, DAL)
ARI - 5th in 2004605 (BOS, ATL, WPG)
NYR - 21st in 1964603 (PIT, LAK)
DET - 22nd in 1986602 (EDM, NYR, SJS)
HAR - 59th in 1991602 (CGY, TBL, CHI, WSH, BOS, NYR)
NYI - 56th in 1996599 (OTT, BOS)
MTL - 26th in 1983597 (NJD, COL, ARI, DAL, SJS)
CHI - 45th in 1976593 (VAN, BOS)
VAN - 2nd in 1990593 (STL, NYR, PIT, EDM, ARI, PHI)
PHI - 55th in 1972591 (CGS, CLE, MNS, VAN)
VAN - 9th in 1983590 (BOS)
STL - 109th in 1978589 (WIN, DET)
BUF - 89th in 1988588 (VAN, NJD, TOR)
CHI - 3rd in 1984585 (TOR, WIN, NYR, LAK, PIT)
KCS - 38th in 1974582 (NYI, LAK)
VAN - 26th in 1979581 (CLR, NJD, MNS, QUE, DET, WIN, BOS, CGY)
NYR - 15th in 1972574 (STL, ATF, CGY, CLR, NJD, CHI)
LAK - 250th in 1993571 (NSH, PHI, CHI)
PIT - 8th in 1974569 (MTL, HAR, NYR)
DET - 3rd in 1979567 (BUF, TOR, FLA)
BOS - 21st in 1990565 (PIT, NYI, LAK, OTT, CHI, VAN, MTL)
WIN - 40th in 1979564 (WSH, BOS, STL, CHI)
COL - 212th in 1999563 (CAR, CHI, ARI, TBL, VAN)
CHI - 12th in 1981559 (VAN, PIT, BUF)
QUE - 41st in 1979556 (WSH)
ARI - 24th in 1996550 (BUF, PHI, MTL, COL)
PHI - 7th in 1978550 (EDM, BOS, TOR)
NYR - 14th in 1966550 (DET, BUF, LAK, TOR)
WIN - 4th in 1989549 (FLA, PIT, BUF, DAL)

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