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QUIZ: Can you name the NHL players who have played at least 100 playoff games without a Stanley Cup win?

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# of gamesPlayerYears (Teams)
18680-99 (QUE, WSH, COL)
17797-present (SJS)
17484-04 (TOR, CHI, NYI, NJD, ANA, DET)
16385-04 (DET, STL, BOS, WSH, PHI, ANA, EDM)
16168-85 (NYR, BOS, DET)
16079-94 (PHI, BOS, MNS, HAR)
16097-present (BOS, SJS)
15488-09 (CHI, ARI, PHI, LAK, SJS)
14181-99 (MNS, WSH, DET, TBL, FLA)
14086-04 (MTL, EDM, STL, TOR, DAL)
13686-07 (PHI, EDM, FLA, STL, ATL)
13499-present (OTT, NSH)
13389-09 (STL, EDM, TOR, DET, ARI, CGY)
13184-99 (PHI, STL, WSH, TOR, DAL, NJD, VAN)
12984-99 (TOR, MTL, MNS, DAL, VAN, NYR, LAK)
12983-95 (PHI, BOS, WSH)
12805-present (NYR)
12890-05 (DET, HAR, CAR, PHI)
12705-16 (SJS, PHI, TBL)
12686-04 (STL, VAN, ARI, NSH, LAK, MIN, NYI)
12575-89 (PHI, CGY, NJD, DET, VAN)
12495-14 (OTT, DET)
12497-15 (ARI, BUF, PHI, MTL)
12488-08 (VAN, NYI, MTL, WSH)
12360-81 (NYR, BOS)
12393-08 (BOS, PIT, NYI, LAK, OTT, CHI, VAN, MTL)
12279-98 (WSH, MNS, NYR, TOR, ARI)
12207-present (NYR)
12087-99 (BOS, STL, SJS, WIN, ARI, TBL, NYI)
# of gamesPlayerYears (Teams)
11985-99 (NYR, WSH)
11983-97 (MTL, STL, VAN, TOR, NYR)
11899-15 (DAL, PIT, STL, TBL)
11882-99 (DET, PHI, HAR, VAN, CHI, SJS)
11885-01 (WSH, DAL, PIT, NYR, CAR)
11882-99 (LAK, NYR, EDM, NJD, CHI, SJS)
11784-04 (NYR, HAR, CGY, BUF)
11691-08 (WIN, FLA, PIT, BUF, DAL)
11684-00 (WIN, TOR, NJD, BOS, STL)
11506-present (PHI, TBL)
11503-present (NJD, PIT, SJS)
11580-96 (BUF, PIT, DET)
11480-99 (WIN, HAR, VAN, PHI, LAK)
11484-01 (NYI, MTL, VAN, CHI, HAR, ARI, TOR, DAL)
11474-88 (NYR, BOS)
11497-16 (OTT)
11406-present (SJS)
11392-13 (TBL, EDM, NYI, CGY, MTL, WSH, NYR)
11291-04 (BOS, WSH, BUF, OTT, ARI, MTL)
11286-02 (CHI, EDM, WIN, ARI, MTL, DAL, TOR)
11275-90 (CHI)
11185-04 (VAN, STL, FLA, SJS, CGY)
11106-present (SJS)
10987-07 (BUF, NYI, MTL, STL, DAL, COL)
10871-85 (BOS)
10889-04 (BOS, DAL)
10785-98 (BOS, WSH, LAK, BUF)
10761-74 (DET, NYR)
10773-87 (BUF, BOS, VAN, NJD)
# of gamesPlayerYears (Teams)
10608-present (LAK, NYR, TBL, TOR)
10696-13 (OTT, NYR, STL, BOS)
10692-08 (PIT, OTT, NYI, FLA, LAK, NYR)
10655-75 (DET, TOR)
10696-16 (PHI, MTL, WSH, BUF, NJD, SJS)
10587-04 (BUF, WSH, TOR)
10588-03 (MTL, VAN, ARI, DAL, TOR)
10500-present (VAN)
10406-present (NYR, TBL)
10464-78 (CHI, DET)
10485-97 (NYR, WSH, TOR, VAN)
10408-present (NYR)
10482-01 (PHI, STL, QUE, NYI, BOS, SJS, CGY)
10494-06 (PHI, DAL)
10379-95 (CHI, FLA)
10379-93 (MNS, NYR, STL)
10385-03 (TOR, SJS, STL, DET, ARI, COL, CHI)
10386-96 (BOS, BUF, NYI, CGY)
10280-93 (WIN, WSH, BOS, STL, CHI)
10284-02 (HAR, WSH, TOR, CHI, DAL)
10298-14 (OTT, VAN, TBL)
10278-90 (BOS, CHI, TOR, PHI)
10200-present (VAN)
10196-11 (EDM, WSH, BUF, SJS)
10179-95 (HAR, PHI, DET)
10195-08 (FLA, BUF, CGY)
10098-15 (SJS, COL, WSH, CGY, NSH)
10077-92 (NYR, VAN, QUE, WIN, STL)
10062-79 (DET, BOS, CHI, VAN)

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