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Forced Order
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What illegal activity do Katniss and Gale do togethor?
Who does Katniss volunteer for?
How many children do Katniss and Peeta have?
What is Finnick's signature weapon?
Who does Finnick love?
Where does Gale go after Prim dies?
Who does Katniss shoot instead of snow?
What is Katniss' favourite type of bread?
How does mags die?
What is the name of the cannibal tribute?
What is used to torture Peeta in the capitol?
Which tribute is afraid of water after being tortured?
Who is Katniss speaking to when she says 'I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay here and cause all kinds of trouble.'
Who did the mockingjay pin originally belong to?
What happens in the quarter quell between 4.00 and 5.00?
What does Finnick do to preoccupy himself?
What does Mr Mellark give Katnisss after the reaping for the 74th games?
When is Katniss' birthday?
What colour is Annie's wedding dress?
How old was Prim when her father died?
Who is Gale's sister?
How does foxface die?
Which hunger games did Haymitch win?
Who did Peeta paint for the gamemakers?
What is the industry of district 7?
Why does Johanna cut Katniss' arm in the quarter quell?
What colour is flavius' lipstick?

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