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Song InformationSinger
'Now you see her, now you'll be her.'Kim
'I wanna know, should I stay or go?'Kim
Working title is 'Sister'Thurston/Kim
Part b of the trilogyThurston
'Everytime you turn around, she is looking up at you from down below.'Kim
Cover, originally by CrimeThurston/Kim/Lee
'Come closer and I'll take off your dress.'Kim
'I'm back again in love; I'm back again a dove.'Thurston
'Down beneath the radar screen, she's lit up like gasoline.'Lee
'Anti-war is...'Thurston/Kim
Interstate to your cranium!Thurston
Title is a play on the name of the original singer of 'Big Yellow Taxi' and a rock standardLee
'Suddenly all is quite quiet and there in the sunlight, on the highway.'Lee/Thurston
Title changed from 'Mariah Carey & the...'Kim
Song InformationSinger
'Little darlings describe the scene to all the mommas with the money eyes.'Thurston
'Sirens come to put me out of misery.'Thurston
'God is gay, and you were right.'Thurston
On the soundtrack of 'Pola X'Kim
Written about the death of Joe ColeThurston
Band's first music videoThurston/Lydia Lunch/(Lee)
Title and lyrical inspiration from a Hitchcock filmKim
Lyrics contain a reference to Alice in WonderlandKim
'We paint a zero on his hand.'Thurston/Kim
Title named after somebody who 'has a real tattoo' and 'can play the drums in tune'Kim/Thurston/J. Mascis
Same name as album; working title is '9'Lee
'I love you, I love you, I love you, what's your name?'Kim
'Amazing grazing, strange and raging...'Thurston
Shortest song on 'Daydream Nation'Mike Watt

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