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Who leads Scabior and the snatchers?A werewolf follower of voldemort
Whatt proffession is Mr and Mrs Granger?Muggle-born parents
How does Rita skeeter find out gossip for the Daily Prophet?Shes a spy
When Dumbledore looks in the mirror of Erised, what does he see?'You can never have too many socks' - Dumbledore
What joke did George say when he took a curse to the ear in the Deathly Hallows part 1?Cursed at the battle of 7 potters
What dark wizard stole the Elder Wand?Not Voldemort
Which two ghosts shared a tragic love story?Named so because he killed Helena.
Using the Marauders Map, Where does harry end up when he tries to sneak out of hogwarts to attend a school outing?Trying to get to Hogsmeade
According to the Dursley's, What did harry potter think had happened to his parents?Was really killed by Voldemort
In the battle of hogwarts, who did Antonin Dolohov Kill?Wife, Tonks, also died in the battle of hogwarts
Who did Voldemort kill to create the horcrux in NaginiEmployee of the Ministry of Magic
What is the vault number containing the Philospher's stone?Owned by Nicholas Flamel
In what shop does Lucius Malfoy slip Tom Riddle's diary into Ginny Weasley's Cauldron?Book Store where they met Gildory Lockhart
What is the name of the conductor for the Night bus?Wears a purple iniform
Who defeated Antonin Dolohov in a duel?During the Battle of Hogwarts he engaged in a duel with a proffessor and lost
Who is the author of 'Fantastic Beasts and where to find them'?Famous Wizard
Only one person can controll Peeves. Who is that?Peeves is scared of him
Who was a famous beater for the Wimbourne Wasps?Works in the department of magical games and sport in the Ministry of Magic
In the Philosher's Stone, what was the gryffindor common room password?Neville kept forgetting passwords so he had to write them down
What is Dumbledore's favourite flavour of jam?Yum!
What is the name of the spell that gives you an extreme runny nose?Taught by Professor Quirrell to his first-year class, used later that year by Draco Malfoy on Harry Potter.
What is the name of the school Fleur Delacour attended?Headmistress Madam Maxime
Who is the author of the book 'History of Magic'?Knows the dumbledore family well
What spell does harry use to blast back spiders?Used against Aragog's large family of spiders
Hokey the house elf was owned by who?Works for the Ministry
What Curse did Lucius Malfoy claim to be under when it was discovered by the ministry that he was a deatheater?Arthur Weasley didnt believe Lucius was innocent
In the Ministry of Magic, What department does Arthur Weasley work in?Arthurs favourite subject at hogwarts was muggle studies
What is the name of the company Vernon Dursley works for?A Drill Company
What the last name of the three brothers in the deathly hallows tale?The original owners of the deathly Hallows
What is Dolores Umbridge's position in the Ministry of Magic?Part of the Wizengamot
What is Hogwarts school motto? (in English)Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titallandus
What type of dragon is Norbert?Hagrids baby dragon
Who are the muggles that visit the Dursley's house in 'Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets'?Vernon was hoping for a promotion at work
what is the name of the all-female quidditch team?Plays for the british and Irish legues. Slughorn can get free tickets whenever he wants them
What is the name of the band that plays at the Yule BallSong: Can you dance like a Hippogriff
What is the name od Ron and Hermione's son?Daughter called Rose
What is Harry Potters favourite pudding?Yum!
What does S.P.E.W stand for?Founded by Hermione Granger
what ghost still teaches at hogwarts?Teachers History of Magic
Which two Aurors did Belatrix Lestrange torture?Assisted by Barty Crouch Jr.
In the Chamber of secrets, what was the password to Dumbledore's office?Named so because he liked these sweets
What page does snape tell the class to turn to?The page is about Werewolves
what is the name of the potion that gives the drinker a short amount of luck?Liquid Luck
Who's patronus is an otter?J.K rowlings favourite animal
What is the nickname given to Argus Filch and is often teased about?teased by students at hogwarts
How old was Luna when she witnessed her mothers death?Young and the raised by her father
What is the name of Hagrids half brother?Giant
Who did Harry Potter impersonate to get into the ministry?Used Polyjuice Potion
Who is the Centar that saves harry from voldemort in the Philosphers stone?Saved him in the Forbidden Forest
Why can Harry and Luna see Thestrals?Magical creatures

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