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Can you name the 50 Highest Killing Films Given the Title's Synonyms?

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Number of SlaughtersTitleSynonyms of Film
836Arrival of the Lord
610Domain of Utopia
600A Few Hundred
572---NO SYNONYM--- War movie with Brad Pitt.
558The Final Swordsman
468Twin Peaks
310Shredhut: Two Presentations
307Solid Cooked
305We Are Now Veterans
256Intergalactic Vessel Soldiers
255Rescuing Confidential Ryan
247---NO SYNONYM--- Killing Vietnam with Stallone.
236'EQUILIty for all races'
214Shot inside of the Cranium.
199An Improved Future Day (Number Two)
196The Unessentials
187Gore Jewel
187The Accounts Pertaining to Riddick
186Sand Hill
184Courageous Organ
181---NO SYNONYM--- Christopher Walken against El Presidente.
175Morning belonging to the Deceased.
172The Final Essence of the River Tribe.
169Single Wolf and Baby: Blank Paradise in Dystopia
Number of SlaughtersTitleSynonyms of Film
155The Resurrected Form of an Egyptian Cadaver
153Gem Marina
152Glorified Conqueror
151Fire Them Upwards
149The Murderer
146Attack: United States of America
145The Zany Group
141The Home Filled With Undead
140Edge: (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
140---NO SYNONYM--- Stanley Baker vs. the Tribal Warriors
139(Clint Eastwood's) Champions
131The Sunrise Time in which the Dead take place.
127---NO SYNONYM--- John _____ (1,2,3,4) trying to save Sam Trautman.
126The Excellent, the Terrible, and the Repulsive.
124Occupior Malevolent: Extermination
123The Nationalist
123Occupior Malevolent: Armageddon
122From Night Through Daybreak
120Procedure Delta Operatives
120Fugitive Josey Wales
119---NO SYNONYM--- A military project endangers Neo-Tokyo
118Scarlet Sunup
118The Companionship of the Halo
115Extraterrestrial Life vs. Slayer: Mass for the Souls

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