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A group that seeks to elect candidates to public office by supplying them with a label by which they are known to the electorate.
parties that profess comprehensive view of American society and government that is radically different from that of the established parties.
meeting of party followers, often lasting for hours, in which party delegates are picked.
During such periods a sharp, lasting shift occurs in the popular coalition supporting one or both parties.
This ballot lists all candidates by office and then there is no way to vote a straight party ticket by making one mark.
Voting to candidates of different parties for various parts in office all in the same election.
This event happens every four years to nominate a presidential candidate.
This group is made up of delegates from each state and territory.
This group helps members of congress who are running for reelection or would-be members running for open seat or challenging a candidate from the opposite party.
This system means that in all elections for representative, senator, governor, or president and in almost all elections for state legislator , mayor or city councillor, the winner
A committee set up by and representing a corporation, labor union or other special-interest group can give up to 5,000$
How people say which party they are from. Either republican, democratic, or independent.
Involves for voter to know information about the candidate and the issues that they stand for. People who are usually prospective voters are political elite- who participate in ca
involves looking at how things have gone in the recent past and then voting for the party that controls the white house if we like what has happened and voting against the party i
Issue in which the rival candidate have opposing views on a question that also divides the voters.
An issue which voters distinguish rival parties by the degree to which they associate each party or candidate with conditions, goals, or symbols the electorate universally approves
Funds solicited from individuals, corporations and unions that are spent on party activities, such as voter registration campaigns and voting drives, rather than on behalf of a spe
The person currently in office
Drawing the boundaries of political districts so that districts are very unequal in population.
Drawing the boundaries of political districts in bizarre or unusual shapes to make it easy for candidates of the party in power to win elections in those districts.
Any organization that seeks to influence public policy.
Benefits that have monetary value, including money gifts services or discounts received as a result of joining an organization.
The social reward that lead people to join local or state political organizations.
The benefit that comes from serving a cause or principal from which one does not personally benefit.
A political organization the stated goals of which will be principally benefit nonmembers.
Political organizations that attract members by appealing to their political convictions with coherent sets of controversial principles.
A valued benefit obtained by joining a political organzition
An assessment of a representative's voting recored on issues important to an interest group. Such rating are designed to generate public support for or against a legislator.
Largest interest group in America. Low costing insurance,discount drugs, and tax cuts for active and older Americans
To raise money interest group do this, through the use of computers, a specialized audience can be selected for mailings.

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