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Can you name the Sitcom by Character and It's Actor?

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Frank Reynolds/Danny DeVito
Malcolm Wilkerson/Frankie Muniz
Jay Pritchett/Ed O'Neill
Richie Cunningham/Ron Howard
Michael Kelso/Ashton Kutcher
George Costanza/Jason Alexander
Randall 'Randy' Do Hickey/Ethan Suplee
Doug Heffernan/Kevin James
Carl Winslow/Reginald VelJohnson
Beaver Cleaver/Jerry Mathers
Barney Stinson/Neil Patrick Harris
Nancy Botwin/Mary-Louise Parker
Zack Morris/ Mark-Paul Gosselaar
John Michael 'J.D.' Dorian/Zach Braff
Russell/David Spade
Debra Louise Whalen Barone/Patricia Heaton
Curtis Payne/LaVan Davis
Rochelle Rock/Tichina Arnold
Charlie Harper/Charlie Sheen
Danny Tanner/ Bob Saget
Samantha Newly/Christina Applegate
Dwight Schrute/Rainn Wilson
Michael Richard Kyle/Damon Wayans
Tim Taylor/Tim Allen
Sheldon Cooper/Jim Parsons

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