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Can you name the Civil Rights Events 1945-68?

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Year Johnson passed the civil rights act that ended legal segregation.
First President to give his inagural address to an integrated crowd.
1965 protest in Alabama targeting voter registration. Led by King, violence used by police (cattle prods).
Campaign during which King was assassinated.
Failed movement 1961-62, packing jails didn't work.
Year Malcolm X was assassinated
Year lyncing of Emmett Till occurred.
Name of one of two major Native American groups in the 1960s.
Organisation headed by King.
1960 court case that made segregation in interstate bus travel illegal.
March during which James Meredith was shot in 1966.
Year Johnson passed voting rights act.
University integrated by James Meredith.
Governor who initially stops meredith from entering university.
1957 - 9 students tried to inegrate a school in what city?
Name of union headed by Cesar Chavez in 1965.
Year the US Military was desegregated.
1950 court case in Texas, forced integration of state law school.
1956 case won by NAACP - that made segregation on busses illegal.
What Civil Rights organisation was born out of the sit-in movement?
Campaign led by King in 1966 - fight for end to descrimination in housing.
Report published under Johnson in 1965. Blamed blacks for their situation.
1960 - 4 students from Agriculture and Technical College sat in at what store?
National campain King tried to organise in 1968 to bring several minority groups together to fight for better housing, and employment.
1963 campaign the led to police violence (use of police dogs and firehoses).
Court decision that stated that integration should happen 'with all deliberate speed.'
Name of programmes launched by Panthers in 1968 that created health clinics, breakfast and 'liberation schools'.
Tactic used by Black Panthers to end police violence. Began in Oakland, California.
1961 movement designed to test supreme court ruling on interstate bus travel.
Movement that brought Martin Luther King to national attention, lasted 381 days.
Movement in August 1963; King gives famous speech.
Court decision that ended school segration.
1896 case that established 'seperate but equal.'
Name of southern laws that prevented integration and voting.
Voter registration campaign in Mississippi in 1964.

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