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What was Mr. Frank's gift?
Mouschi got a paper ball with ___.
Mrs. Van Daan's gift was ___.
Mr. Van Daan's gift was ____.
Who got a safety razor?
Who got 10 hours of doing what Anne's told?
Who got a crossword puzzle book?
Who got earplugs?
What special gift did Mrs. Van Daan receive from her father just before he died?
The only one to survive the Holocaust from those hiding in the annex was ___.
Hanukkah is an __ day celebration.
There are ___ acts in this play
'Het Achterhuis' means 'the ____'
Anne received a diary as a gift from her ___
Anne plans to travel to ___ after the war
Peter has a ___ named Mouschi
In what COUNTRY does this story take place?
Mr. Dussel is a ___ by trade. (What was his job?)
Mr. Dussel shares a room with ___.
What year did the Franks go into hiding?

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