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Can you figure out these crafting recipes?

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ItemWhat you needWhat it does
TorchAdds light to a certain area
Enchanted Golden Apple/Notch AppleGives a player absorption, regeneration, resistance, and fire resistance.
AnvilCombines items, and can rename them.
ShearsSnips wool, cobwebs, and tripwire.
Wooden ButtonPowers itself, it's attached block, and a device behind the block, with a redstone signal.
Slime BlockMakes a TRAMPOLINE!
BedAh, happy dreams. Allows you to skip the night.
Diamond Hoe (I wasted my diamonds)For farming, but useless to waste diamonds on.
Bottle o' EnchantingGives you XP
Eye of EnderNeeded to activate the End Portal.
BowShoot. Shoot. A path to archery.
MapAllows you to track where you are, can be placed on an item frame.
CompassLeads you to your ORIGINAL spawn point.
ClockWhat time is it?!
BonemealA dye. Also used to speed of the process of growth.

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