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Can you name the players of the NFC West by position?

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There's only 4 teams!All data is from Pro-Football-Reference
Name Arizona's Fullback?
3rd string QB for San Francisco?
Name the Seahawks starting defensive end opposite Chris Clemons?
Can you name the Rams starting weakside linebacker?
What team does Alex Boone play for?
Name the position Johnathan Goodwin plays
Name a St Louis Rams starting guard
Can you name the Seahawks slot reciever?
Name the Rams punter?
Whose team is Jeff King playing on?
Cornerback opposite Patrick Peterson?
Starting tight end for Seattle?
Name a 49er starting cornerback?
Name the strong safety for the 49ers
Brandon Mebane plays what position for the Seahawks?
Can you name a Rams starting safety?
True or False: Golden Tate returns kicks for the Seahawks
Name the Cardinals kicker
Starting defensive tackle next to Michael Brockers?
What position does Sam Acho play?
Name the 2nd string QB for St Louis?
Starting wide reciever opposite Michael Crabtree
Name the right tackle for the Arizona Cardinals
Name the Seahawks weakside linebacker?
QB with most TD passes this season?
There's only 4 teams!All data is from Pro-Football-Reference
True or false: Kevin Kolb has more game-winning drives than Alex Smith?
Team with the most interceptions?
QB with the most 4th quarter comebacks this season?
Which rookie reciever in the has started 10+ games this year?
Can you name the Cardinals sack leader this year?
Which punter has the best average this year?
Who leads Arizona in carries?
True or False: Zach Miller has caught 40 passes this year?
QB with least amount of attempts(min 100)?
Seahawks fumble leader?
Player who leads Arizona in recieving yards and receiving TD's?
Player with the best kick return average in the division (min 10 returns)
Best Y/A rushing for the 49ers (min 50 attempts)?
Highest number of recieving TD's by any player in the division?
Name the best #2 RB by rushing yardage
Highest yards from scrimmage player in the division?
True or False: Michael Crabtree leads the division in recieving yards
Team with the most sacks?
Best completion percentage in the division (min 100 attempts)?
Team with least amount of sacks allowed?
Player with the best punt return average in the division (minimum 10 attempts)?
Team with most rushing TD's?
What cornerback has the most tackles in the division (for CB's) this season?
Highest yards per reception player in the divisio
Youngest average NFL team in the division (as of week 1)?

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