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73% of the world's beer is consumed in this country.
About 3000 people so far have reached the top of the 29,035 foot peak of the highest mountain in the world, located in this country.
In this country's capital city, the average square yard of a sidewalk contians about 70 discarded gums.
Only 7% of homes in this country have flushing toilets & only 19% have television.
In this country, students on their exams are allowed to use text-messaging language. Teachers must treat these abbreviations as standard English and may not penalize students.
Sheikh Hamadan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum bought in 2008 supposedly the best camel in the country. The price: $2.7 million.
Basant festival is an annual kite-flying competition that has caused the deaths of many. Competitors tie to their strings and kites sharp objects (such as knives, glass & metal)
According to the U.N. Human Development Index, this is the best country to live in.
The average citizen of this country watches an average of 4 hours and 29 minutes of television every day—the highest in the world.

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