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Can you name the ST: Next Generation episode from the log entries?

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Forced Order
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Log EntryEpisodePreamble
It is no longer an inconvenient childish prank. Young Wesley Crusher, admittedly a victim of the Tsiolkovsky infection is now in control of my starshipCaptain's Log, supplemental.
Any time entry is meaningless. We have no choice but to repeat the same warp experiment but with one variation.Captain's Log:
This is Q speaking for Captain Jean-Luc Picard, whom we consider to be too bound by Starfleet customs and traditions to be of use to us.Stardate: today.
Vagra II will be declared off-limits but the damage has been done. One of the saddest duties I've ever had to perform is now ahead of me.Captain's Log, Stardate 41602.1.
It is obvious that whatever we have met sees no value in our kind of lifeform. How do we fight something that both is and is not there?Captain's Log, Stardate 42194.7.
Commander Bruce Maddox, having been thwarted by Data's abrupt resignation is now seeking a legal remedy for his woes.Captain's Log, supplemental.
I have just witnessed the total destruction of the USS Enterprise with a loss of all hands, save one - me.Captain's Personal Log, supplemental.
We have been attacked without provocation by an alien race which Guinan calls the Borg.Captain's Log, supplemental.
Despite misgivings, I have agreed to Starfleet's request that the Enterprise divert to the Braslota system to take part in a war game exercise.Captain's Log, Stardate 42923.4.
Counselor Troi and I are beaming down to Mintaka III to locate Dr. Palmer and to determine the extent of the cultural contimination.First Officer's Log, Stardate 43174.2.
Our pursuit of the Borg continues on a course that will take us to the very core of the Federation.First Officer's Log, Stardate 43998.5.
Everyone who should be in the 19th century is safely there and those who should be in the 24th are here. Mister Data has been restored to us, head and allCaptain's Log, Stardate 46001.3.
I've summoned the senior staff to discuss Commander Data's theory that the exocomps are a life form. Doctor Farallon has attended only reluctantly.Captain's Log, Stardate 46316.6.
The Enterprise has arrived at Station Deep Space 9 to assist in the reconstruction of the Bajoran aqueduct systems, which were damaged during the Cardassian occupation.Captain's Log, Stardate 46578.4.
Dr. Crusher has identified Captain Picard's DNA. There is no doubt now that he is dead.Acting Captain's Log, Stardate 47135.2.
We have been trapped inside the asteroid for over eight hours. Mister Data and Commander La Forge are nearly ready to engage the cloak.Captain's Log, Stardate 47457.1.
We have arrived at Boraal II in response to a distress call from Worf's foster brother, Nikolai Rozhenko.Captain's Log, Stardate 47423.9.
We have intercepted a Cardassian report stating that a Bajoran prisoner escaped her captor and was killed in an evacuation pod as she tried to leave Cardassian space.Captain's Log, supplemental.
The Enterprise is preparing to leave Dorvan V, but former cadet Wesley Crusher will be staying behind.Captain's Log, Stardate 47755.3.
Starfleet Command reports no unusual activity along the Neutral Zone and there is no sign of a temporal anomaly.Captain's Log, supplemental.

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