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Can you name the answers to the following questions, putting yourself in Sisko's pips?

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Forced Order
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You are forced to abandon the station, but want to ensure that everyone knows that you intend to return. What do you leave behind?A Call To Arms
A practically omnipotent being arrives on your station and tries to antagonize you for his own amusement. What do you do? Remember, you're not Picard.Q-Less
You need to explain the concepts of cause and effect in a linear existence to a race of non-corporeal beings with no concept of time. What do you use as an example?Emissary
You serve alongside one of Starfleet's most beautiful female officers. What do you call her?Several
They can deny you all they want, but they cannot deny the future that you created, because it is what?Far Beyond the Stars
You've lied. You've cheated. You've bribed men to cover the crimes of other men. You are an accessory to murder. But what's the most damning thing of all?In the Pale Moonlight
You find yourself puzzled by the inscriptions on a slab of stone, a priceless Bajoran artifact. How do you deal with this?The Reckoning
You're frantically digging in the sand. What object led you there?Shadows and Symbols
Thanks to a possible predestination paradox, you bear a shocking resemblance to which historical figure?'Past Tense' and 'Little Green Men'
You need to settle a score with an old Vulcan classmate. What game do you play?Take Me Out To The Holosuite

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