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Can you name the answers to the following questions, putting yourself in Picard's pips?

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You are being tortured by a Cardassian interrogator. You know nothing about Minos Corva. How many lights are there?Chain of Command II
You have some free time, or you want to ambush the borg. Which holonovel do you load?Several
You're thirsty. What will you have to drink?Several
The first duty of a Star Fleet officer is to what?First Duty
Picard and Dathon are at El-Adrel, but where were Darmok and Jalad?Darmok
There are some words which you have known since you were a schoolboy. By whom were they first uttered?Drumhead
Data is presumed dead. You turn to Shakespeare for an appropriate quote. Which play is it from?The Most Toys
As Locutus of Borg, where did you meet the bulk of the Federation fleet?The Best of Both Worlds II
You've forgotten your first officer's name, again. What do you call him to avoid embarrassment?Several
You have a crisis of conscience. Who do you turn to to provide obvious statements wrapped up in a slow, meaningful tone?Several

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