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Is this a metaphor?Answer (yes/no)
His beard was as rough as sandpaper on my cheek.
His beard was sandpaper on my cheek.
The sea was blue and sparkled in the sun.
The sea was a blanket of sparkling diamonds.
He was as tall as a tree.
He was a tall tree, towering over the others in his team.
She was as fast as lightning.
My heart was an icicle in my chest.
The man was a statue, he was so still!
She laughed like a hyena.
The book was a doorstop, heavy enough to hold a door open.
Her laugh was a rusty chainsaw.
Her laugh was like a rusty chainsaw.
He talked like a chipmunk.
His voice was a chipmunk- far too high pitched, and he spoke far tooquickly.
Her face was a shiny moon.
Her face was like a shiny moon.
His voice was as cold as ice.
His voice was an icicle.
Her smile was a sun, shining brightly.
Is this a metaphor?Answer (yes/no)
Her smile was as bright as the sun.
He was a rock, he was always there when I needed him.
He was as solid as a rock.
The boulders were bouncers, preventing anybody from entering the cave.
She was in a sea of sadness.
Her sadness surrounded her like water surrounding a swimmer in the sea.
He bit into the donut and it was a rainbow of flavours.
She had a heart of gold.
Time is money.
He tried to stand up but his legs were jelly.
Her voice was music to his ears.
Her voice was like music to his ears.
The stuffy bedroom was a prison.
His belt was a snake curling around his waist.
She broke his heart.
Her tears were like fat rain drops.
Love is a battlefield.
My thoughts float like clouds.
My thoughts are clouds.
The sea is a hungry lion.

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