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Two types of bacteriathick sugar wall
 thin sugar wall
Two broad ways that bacteria TRANSFER its genetic info
Vertical transfer occurs in 1 way:
Horizontal transfer can occur in 3 ways:pick up genetic info
 'Hey virus! Get the duc off of me!
 think prison visits
Which is smaller, bacteria or virus?
Innate immunity's 4 main categories (from notes):
HintAnswerExtra Info
examples of external barriers
small ring of DNAoften holds the gene for antibiotic resistance
bacteria reproduce to make two identical cells through:
Viruses are composed of:
Two broad categories of the immune system:
The immune system which responds to SPECIFIC pathogens
The two SIMULTANEOUS responses that occur in response to a SPECIFIC pathogen:results in formation of memory WBCs
 ALSO results in formation of memory WBCs

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