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Smooth muscle fiber cells are...
How are they arranged
Usually they sheets are at this angle to each other
This layer is parallel to the long axis
This layer is around the circumference
Alternating contraction of layers is called
What does smooth muscle tissue lack
So, the nerve fibers release neurotransmitters to smooth muscle tissue from swelling in their fibers called
Do smooth muscle tissues have striations? (... striations)
Compared to skeletal tissue, what is the myosin/actin ratio
which do both kinds of tissues have more of, actin or myosin
Is there troponin in smooth muscle?
One difference between smooth and skeletal is the arrangement of fibers. Skeletal tissue has this- the area between z discs, which smooth muscle cells don't have
How are fiber groups arranged?
Smooth muscle is contracted through electrical communication between individual smooth muscle cells through this kind of junction
The entire sheet responds to
Some smooth muscle tissues have this kind of cell
And some are...
How does smooth muscle contraction happen? (what slides?)
What triggers contraction
How is contraction energized
The difference between smooth and skeletal muscle contraction is that calcium reacts with this in smooth muscle tissue
Where as in skeletal muscles, calcium reacts with this
Kind of contraction of smooth muscles
this type of contraction is
Contraction is regulated by
With different types of neurotransmitters, there are different types of
The sympathetic nervous system has this neurotransmitter
And the parasympathetic uses this kind
Different neurotransmitters have different effects, true or false
What does norepinephrine do?
What does ACh do?

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