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There are 8 abnormal muscle functions name them (alphabetical)
Progressive muscle weakness is called
With muscle fatigue, there is a failure to respond to external stimulus. This means there is no
There are two cause of fatigue name one
and the other
There are 5 different abnormal contractions. Name them (alphabetical, start with 'are...')
Spasms are sudden and involuntary. What is their duration period like?
A violent tetanic contraction of an entire muscle group
A painful spasmodic contraction of muscle fibers
Spasmodic twitching common in eyelids or facial muscles
asynchonous contraction of individual muscle fibers resulting in flutter with no effective movement
This is a type of abnormal muscle function that causes pain in one or more muscles.
The inflammation of muscle tissue
Destruction of motor neurons in the anterior horn of the spinal cord
What causes poliomylitis?
What can result from the loss of motor neural innervations?
Muscular dystrophy is the term from any myopathy that causes atrophy and degeneration that is passed along this way
Two forms of muscular dystrophy
The Duchenne form is
carried by
expressed by
In the Duchenne form, there is a progressive loss of
When is the onset of the Duchenne form?
What ages?
What muscles does the facioscapulohumeral form affect?
When is it expressed?
This kind of muscle weakness results from abnormalities in the neuromuscular junction
What is the likely cause of this?
What muscles does it affect
So it affects these actions
In tetanus, this toxin is involved
and it blocks these receptors

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