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3 types of muscles (alphabetical)
Which muscles are striated
Which muscle types are non-striated?
Which muscle types are voluntary?
Which muscle types are involuntary?
Muscles have some common features. They have muscle fibers that are made from
They have myofilaments that are made from
The two prefixes that indicate something is a muscle are
Muscles have four general functions. Name one
And another!
And another!
And the last!
Are muscles organs?
They are made of four components. One is
and another
and another
and the last
Each individual muscle fiber is surrounded by
Which is what kind of connective tissue?
Mutiple fibers are bundled together as
And these bundles are bound by a
called the
What surrounds all the fascicles of a muscle?
What binds the muscles into functional groups?
The plasma membrane surface is called?
The cytoplasm of muscle cells is called the?
Contractile elements of skeletal muscles are called?
Name the 3 different kinds of bands, line, and disc found in muscles
A bands are (color)
Do they polarize of nonpolarize light?
This means they are
I bands are (color)
Are they polarizing or nonpolarizing?
This means they are
The H band is within which band? (Within the...)
When is the H band visible
What band does the M line bisect?
What is the Z disc?
Which band is it the midline of?
A region between two Z discs is called what?
What is a sarcomere made from? (made from...)
What is the purpose of a sarcomere?
There are three types of Microfilaments within bands. What are they?
Where are thick filaments located? Is it the whole thing? (whole or partial...)
What are they made from?
Thin filaments extend across what band and partially through what other band?
They are made from what? (made from...)
A Z disc is what kind of sheet?
What does it connect? (connects...)
Thick filaments structure (tail/heads)
What is the tail composed of
How many polypeptide chains
What specific kind of actin makes up thin myofilaments?
What is the structure of a thin myofilament?
What are the two major regulatory muscle proteins?
Which spirals around? (end answer with 'spirals')
Which is a polypeptide complex?
What can Troponin bind to? (binds to...)
What else? (binds to...)
What else? (binds to...)
Tropomysin blocks what kind of binding sites?
When does it do this blocking?

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