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Summing all data values and dividing by the count
The square root of the variance
The statistic for what happens most frequently
The middle value, with half the values above and half the values below
Extreme values that don't seem to fit with the rest of the data
A distribution that is not symmetric where one tail stretches much further than the other
The difference between the lowest and highest values in a data set
A distribution that's roughly flat (Think sports apparel)
The sum of squared deviations from the mean
A type of graph with whiskers coming out of the sides
Explains how many standard deviations away form the mean a value is
Adding a constant to each data value to change the mean, standard deviation, and the quartiles
Pieces of data that do not have an effect on each other
Data with a bell-shaped curve is considered
If an alpha-level is .05, at what significance level is your test?
The difference between your 3rd and 1st quartile
The thinner end of a distribution (Think animal)
A type of graph that simply displays data with dots along an axis
A type of graph that gathers data into a circle with different pieces
A type of data that is gathered using units or numbers

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